“The World At Your Fingertips”, Courtesy of Princeton Public Library

Become an advanced coder, watch your favorite television series, manage your investment portfolio, and receive live, one-on-one homework help, all from the comfort of your own home! Learn how to have the world at your fingertips with the help of Princeton Public Library. Librarians Janet Hauge and Erica Bess will highlight a selection of popular and easily accessible online tools available through the library’s digital collections. They will also discuss some of the unique services the library offers, as well as share plans for technology projects in 2015.

SPEAKERS: Janet Hauge and Erica Bess of the Princeton Public Library (PPL)
Janet Hauge and Erica Bess of the Princeton Public Library (PPL)

Janet Hauge, MLIS (Rutgers) (left), Technology Initiatives Librarian at Princeton Public Library, has worked in NJ libraries since 2007. She currently coördinates PPL’s Technology Training Center programs and does outreach to local organizations with technology needs. She also provides reference and readers advisory service.

Erica Bess, MLIS (Rutgers) (right), Head of Adult Services, has been with Princeton Public Library since 2011. In addition to providing reference and reader advisory services, Erica is also active in the planning of technology instruction, collection management, and programming at the library.

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2014 PMUG Holiday Party

PMUG Holiday Party Dec 9, 2014; 6-9 pm

Location: Griggs Farm Clubhouse, 205 Griggs Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540 
Time: Tuesday, Dec 9; 6 – 9 pm 
Attendees & Volunteers: Please sign up on http://whosbringingwhat.com/pmug()


On the access roads, Griggs Dr, Billie Ellis Dr; Some spots in Jonathan Dayton, William Patterson, David Brearley Cts; Beware NO PARKING or ASSIGNED PARKING areas are subject to towing.


  • 6 – 7 pm: PMUG Meet & Greet; Unload food and raffle items; raffle ticket sale 
  • 7 pm: Dinner -> Still wanted: fruit salad, side dishes, vegetarian dishes. Please sign up at http://whosbringingwhat.com/pmug
  • 8 pm: Raffle begins 
  • 8:45 – 9+ pm: Cleanup and loading of food and raffle items


Raffle Tickets: 1 / $5, 12 / $10

Premium raffle items (donated by PMUG)

Alt “raffle prizes

  • New iPad Mini 2  
  • New Silicon Power 1TB Shockproof USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive

Members’ raffle donations:

  • All must be in good working and cosmetic condition, no CRTs, no SCSI, no ADB; 
  • Junk should be recycled in your county or municipal recycling program. 
  • Apple related equipment that meets these qualifications: 
  • New World Macs, 10.4 Tiger, Intel Macs, USB, Firewire, hard drives, etc.  
  • iPhones must be unlocked. 
  • Books must be 2011 or newer. 
  • Members must take back any non-claimed items.

Wrap Up

  • Food donations: Any leftovers should be taken home. 
  • Comments or questions should be directed to Ben or Dee or Carol 
  • Xfinity WiFi internet connection available