Princeton University & PMUG

PMUG began in the early 1980s as an Apple II computer user group within Princeton University. With the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984, the focus changed. PMUG became a community group that met on the University campus. Our membership averaged about 250, with about 80 to 90 people who attended monthly general meetings.

The Princeton Macintosh User Group is a part of an extraordinary community that owes a great deal to the presence of Princeton University in its midst. The Princeton area attracts a higher percentage of research and business than is usual for its size. Our diverse membership includes a broad range of age, occupation, interest, and skill level.

Princeton University

Photo of Nassau Hall
Nassau Hall

Chartered in 1746 as the College of New Jersey, Princeton is the country’s fourth oldest university. In 1756 it relocated to the town of Princeton to occupy the newly completed Nassau Hall, which housed the entire College for nearly half a century. One of the largest buildings in the colonies, Nassau Hall played an important part in America’s early history, surviving bombardment and occupation by the British during the American Revolution, and serving as the home of the Continental Congress in 1783.

Today the main campus covers 600 acres, and its 160 buildings exemplify a wealth of architectural styles, ranging from colonial buildings to collegiate gothic dormitories to modern structures by eminent architects.

The University’s quality faculty and academic program can be seen in its diverse and talented group of undergraduate and graduate students, outstanding teachers and scholars who are accessible to undergraduates, and an abundance of artistic, archaeological, print, and electronic resources.

A calendar of events on campus and at McCarter Theater may be found in The Princeton Weekly Bulletin newspaper. Please call (609) 258-3601 for subscription information. Additional information about the University may also be reached through The Princeton University Website.

Princeton and Surrounding Areas

Beyond the University’s historic campus are the communities of Princeton Borough and Princeton Township, with a combined population of 30,000 people. Within walking distance from campus is an ample collection of historic buildings, shops, restaurants, and theaters (including Tony Award-winning McCarter Theater, one of the nation’s busiest regional performing arts centers). The community also supports several orchestras, a ballet company, and several choral groups. And despite Princeton’s semirural atmosphere, the big city isn’t far away—both New York City and Philadelphia are within about 50 miles; trains and buses run frequently from Princeton to both cities.