WireLurker Mac OS X Malware Shut Down

After causing an overnight sensation, the newly disclosed family of Apple Mac OS X malware capable of also infecting iOS devices has been put to rest. Researchers at Palo Alto Networks confirmed this morning that the command and control infrastructure supporting WireLurker has been shut down and Apple has revoked a legitimate digital certificate used to sign WireLurker code and allow it to infect non-jailbroken iOS devices.

That was quick. http://buff.ly/1oEgugA

Photographers: Don’t waste your money on a Mac Pro

Photographer Terry White on why the 27” iMac may be more than enough for the professional photographer.

I’m sure if we just ran processor and benchmark test that The NEW Mac Pro is the fastest Mac that Apple has ever created. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Do I run benchmark tests or do I use applications on a day to day basis that I’m waiting for tasks to complete?” For me the answer is no. Sure if I spent my days rendering video all day every day, I’d already have the Mac Pro. There would be no question. However, as a photographer I can’t justify the difference in price. Now that the iMac has a Retina 5k display it’s even a more compelling choice for photographers. http://buff.ly/1zg0ylF

Droplr for Mac 4.2

The OS X Yosemite specific features introduced in this release are support for Yosemite’s dark mode and a system-wide sharing extension, that lets you quickly share any file, folder or URL from your Mac. Clicking on the menubar app also now displays your most commonly used sharing actions.

If you haven’t use Doplr in a while, now might the right time to check it out again. http://buff.ly/1uVBL7O