Mac app “iBook Author” released today

Apple Announces “iBooks Author” Mac App, Available For Free Today (via MacStories)

At its education media event in New York, Apple’s Phil Schiller just announced iBooks Author, a new Mac app for authoring books. From an intuitive interface that takes advantage of the desktop’s real screen estate, authors will be able to create and manage interactive books to use in the new iBooks 2, also announced and released today.
iBooks Author falls in line with previous speculation on a “GarageBand for eBooks”, and we’ll update this story with more details as we get them.

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  1. +Jeremy Pollack But Jerremy, the only thing that has changed is that their is now another way for some authors to bring their content to a platform that did not exist two years ago. Authors are still free to make book deals in the traditional way and authors who couldn't make those book deals now have two – Kindle and iBooks – competing platforms for independently releasing a book. Choice has been added, not removed.

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