Gurman on New MacBook Pros

Mark Gurman, writing at Bloomberg:

The new top-of-the-line MacBook Pros will be slightly thinner than
the current models but are not tapered like the MacBook Air and
latest 12-inch MacBook, one of the people said. The new MacBook
Pros have a smaller footprint than current models and the casing
has shallower curves around the edges. The pressure-sensitive
trackpad is also slightly wider, the person added.

Interesting. I was expecting a tapered design.

The new computers have been in advanced testing within Apple since
earlier this year, said one of the people, who didn’t want to be
identified discussing products before their release. The MacBook
Pros aren’t likely to debut at an event currently scheduled for
Sept. 7 to introduce next-generation versions of the iPhone,
according to one of the people. Apple spokesman Bill Evans
declined to comment.

Interesting. I definitely expected them to be announced at the September event, even if they’re not available for sale until late October or early November. That’s what Apple did with the iPad Pro last year. If they’re not announced at the September 7 event, when will they be announced? They could do a smaller event in October, but I was told last year that Apple no longer wanted to do that.

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