Inside Tim Cook’s Apple

Rick Tetzeli has published a wide-ranging interview with Tim Cook, Craig Federighi and Eddy Cue.

At the heart of the article is the concern that Apple is stretching too thin, moving far beyond it’s old scope of projects and products:

Steve Jobs had been the company’s editor, proud of saying no to features, products, business ideas, and new hires far more often than he said yes. Apple’s seemingly diffuse product line reinforces the argument that Cook is not as rigorous. (The fear has a worrisome precedent: During the early and mid-1990s, Apple’s product line was a mess of marketing-inspired offerings, and both its reputation as a unique manufacturer and its business suffered.)

I don’t know if Apple’s doing too many things or not, but I think it’s worth keeping in mind that the company isn’t led by the bozos that ran it in the 1990s. Tim and company know what they’re doing.

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