June 11, 2013: John LeMasney presents Inkscape, an open-source, vector illustration program

John LeMasney will introduce [Inkscape](http://inkscape.org/), an open source, vector-based illustration program similar to Adobe Illustrator and Corel DRAW.

Vector graphics programs allow for high resolution images, even when enlarged, because only basic shape combinations are used (like lines, boxes, and polygons) and are filled in by the computer. Bitmap graphics programs (like Photoshop and GIMP) not maintain their resolution when enlarged, because groups of pixels are created only for a specific resolution.

John used Inkscape to make most of the images for [365 Sketches](http://365sketches.org/), a project in which he created a design a day for two years. Come learn about this free powerful design toolkit!

# About the presenter…
[John LeMasney](https://twitter.com/lemasney) is a father, artist, designer, technologist and consultant living and working in Central New Jersey. John likes to help people to integrate technology and visual communication into their work and life in sensible, productive ways.