May 14, 2013: “Some Cool Stuff I Like (and a few things I hate)” with Bob LeVitus

Bob LeVitus returns to show some of the tools he considers beyond excellent—from Mac apps, to hardware and software for Mac OS and iOS, apps, productivity tools, and much more.

##About the presenter…##
Bob LeVitus, often called “Dr. Mac,” has written about Apple technology for over twenty-five years. He’s written or co-written more than 65 popular computer books, with over two million copies sold worldwide. His most recent titles include: iPad For Dummies, iPhone For Dummies, and Mac OS X Mountain Lion For Dummies, all for Wiley Publishing. For over 15 years Bob has been the Apple technology columnist for the Houston Chronicle, penning the Dr. Mac column on Tuesdays in print and Wednesdays on the Web.