PMUG Podcast

PMUG is making available audio recordings of its general monthly meetings and other special events through a Podcast. The Podcast is for members only, and is password protected.

Have you forgotten your password? Visit the Verification e-Mail page to have it sent to you.

What is a Podcast?

Some describe it as “TiVo for audio.” A Podcast automatically downloads audio files whenever they are released, then can be played at your leisure on a computer (in a Podcast receiver program,) portable media player (such as the iPod,) smartphone with and App (such as the iPhone and its Podcasts App.)

The term Podcast comes from combining the words iPod (the most popular portable media player) and broadcast (sent from one source to many people.)

There are alternate types of Podcasts, such as enhanced Podcasts which show a slideshow along with the audio. There are also Podcasts which show video (called Videocasts) and those which distribute files like PDFs (called Filecasts.)

How do I get PMUG’s Podcast

You need two things to get PMUG’s Podcasts:

  1. Much like you need a Web address to call up a Web page, you need an address to bring up a Podcast. The address is called a Podcast feed file, but this file is not directly readable by people. Instead you need…
  2. A program to read in the feed file, which is known as a Podcast reader. iTunes (version 4.9 and newer for Mac and Windows) has a popular and easy to use Podcast reader built-in.

Once you have a Podcast feed file, you may add it to the Podcast reader — this is known as "subscribing" to a Podcast. Podcasts are free despite having the term subscribe.

Here is how to subscribe to PMUG’s Podcast using iTunes:

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