The 5 stages of grief for a headphone-jack-free iPhone (Macworld)

It started as rumbles and turned into solid rumors. Now, with the report from Bloomberg by Mark Gurman that the next iPhone won’t have a headphone jack, it seems like a sure thing. The standard audio plug that’s been around for decades (and in every Mac, iPod, iPad, and iPhone) is being removed from Apple’s most popular product.

As someone who’s been listening to music on plugged-in headphones since at least the 1980s, this has been a difficult story to come to terms with. The iPhone succeeded the iPod as my go-to music player. I’m listening to music on my iPhone via a pair of wired headphones right now. But Gurman’s sources are generally impeccable, and I’m starting to come to terms with the inevitability of this change.

I’ve gone through all the stages of grief to get here, though.

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