April 11, 2023: Backblaze Cloud Backup, with Yev Pusin

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. — so that we may start on time, please arrive at least 5 minutes before the meeting begins.

Yev Pusin, Senior Director of Marketing at Backblaze - Photo courtesy of Backblaze
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You may have heard of the 3-2-1 backup rule: Keep 3 different backups, on at least 2 different types of media, and make sure at least 1 is stored off-site.

If you care about your data, you need to follow this rule, yet many people do not. Why? It is often because the 1 off-site backup storage rule is difficult to manage.

Backblaze is the simple and affordable way to backup unlimited data securely to the cloud.

Join us as Yev Pusin explains to us why and how to use Backblaze to backup your Macs (or even your PCs, if you have any) online, and how you can quickly and securely restore data when the worst happens.

The meeting will be held online through Zoom — members should check their e-mail for instructions on how to connect and attend. We hope you can join us. A limited number of non-member audience “seats” at our Zoom meeting are also available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you wish to attend, please e-mail pres@pmug-nj.org, and include your full name to receive an invitation with connection information.

About the presenter
Yev Pusin is the Senior Director of Marketing at Backblaze. As the resident Backup Steward, he enjoys educating people on the importance of backing up their data to the cloud. Since being founded in 2007, Backblaze has grown to serve over 500,000 customers in more than 175 countries, and has data centers in the U.S. and Europe.