February 9, 2016: Managing multiple Apple Mail accounts and ConceptDraw

Jeff Gorman at the September 2015 PMUG meeting, and Rob Golding at the September 2014 PMUG meeting — Photos by Michael Blank

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Two PMUG members will demonstrate different software packages for tonight’s meeting.

First, Jeff Gorman will show us some considerations and tips to use OS X Apple Mail with multiple e-mail accounts.

Then Rob Golding will introduce us to ConceptDraw, a business and technical diagramming program. The software may be used for various types of drawings: business diagrams and flowcharts, network diagrams and software charts, technical drafts, floor and landscape plans.

About the presenters…
Jeff Gorman is the “PMUG Answers” Discussion Group Leader and owner of Creative Computing.

Rob Golding is a past President of PMUG, and is a chemist at Firmenich.