June 10, 2014: A Basic Introduction to Adobe Lightroom

Photo of Alan Kesselhaut

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Adobe Lightroom gives photographers an easy way to import, organize, process, and export their photos from start to finish. Underlying the program’s workflow is its ability to edit images without permanently altering the original files.

Alan Kesselhaut, founder of Princeton Photo Workshop, will demonstrate the many aspects of Lightroom. Alan’s presentation will include:

• A basic overview of Adobe Lightroom and the Library Module
• Where and how to store, import, and organize your photos
• How to find your favorite photos
• How to make your photos look great using the Develop module

Come to the presentation and see an industry standard of photo organization and editing in action!


About the presenter…
At Princeton Photo Workshop, Alan Kesselhaut conducts classes and workshops on a range of subjects including Digital Photography, Composition, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and High Dynamic Rage (HDR) Photography, among other subjects. Alan is known for his accomplishments as a photographer, teacher and mentor and his expertise in using high dynamic range photography techniques. He has taught photography worldwide including New York, Philadelphia, Berlin, Germany, Sedona, AZ, and New Jersey. Alan is also an active member of the Princeton Photography Club. He began his exploration of digital photography more than a decade ago with a degree in graphic arts, and as the former owner of a graphic arts company.