June 14, 2016: Members’ Night

Icons for iCloud, Mac OS, Yoink, SeaMonkey, and Paragon NTFS

(Click for larger version)

At Members’ Night we have various members share their areas of expertise with the group in short 15-20 minute presentations.

iCloud (server storage and file synchronization feature of Mac OS X) with Jeff Gorman, "PMUG Answers" Discussion Group Leader and owner of Creative Computing.

"My favorite Mac tips, tricks and timesavers" with Maria Arguello, PMUG Ambassador.

"More Photo Stuff (missed from last meeting)" with Bill Achuff.

Yoink (makes file drag-and-drop between Spaces or full-screen apps easier) with Khürt Williams, PMUG Vice President and Publicity Coordinator.

SeaMonkey (Web browser with IRC chat, HTML editing, and more) and/or Paragon NTFS (full read and write access to Windows NTFS file system partitions) with Ben Britt, PMUG President.