June 9, 2015: Abobe Lightroom, with Bill Achuff

Bill Achuff at PMUG's February 2013 meeting — photo by Michael Blank

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Adobe Lightroom, a program to process and organize photos, has been used by professional and amateur photographers worldwide since its initial release by Adobe in February 2007. PMUG’s Bill Achuff has used the program since it’s inception, up through to its most recent version 6 update in late April.

With Apple’s discontinuation of the Aperture and iPhoto programs, and with many Mac users finding Apple’s new Photos application a bit too lightweight for their needs, Lightroom’s popularity has grown.

Bill will provide an overview of Lightroom 6’s capabilities and show the basics of the program’s two most used modules—Library and Develop, with its ability to view, retouch, and organize photos.

Note! icon Meeting Location Notice

The Cooper Room at the Erdman Center (Archive.org backup) — which is across from Speer Library, on Library Place Road — at Princeton Theological Seminary will be the location of PMUG’s June meeting.


About the presenter…
Bill Achuff, a long-time PMUG member, is a freelance photographer who covers events—sports in particular, for local and regional newspapers. He is proficient with a host of photo editing applications—some of which you’ve probably never heard of nor will you ever have occasion to use, but he spends the majority of his time in post-production, cataloging, editing, and posting his photos from Adobe Lightroom. Bill has occasionally written for several Mac magazines, including Digital Photographer, Mac Today, Layers, and Photoshop User. Bill Achuff also founded the Mac User Group Alliance in 1990, and at its peak had over 1800 member user groups, with PMUG as one of its initial MUGs to join.