March 10, 2015: All About Solid State Drives for the Mac, with Ben Britt

PMUG's President, Ben Britt — photo by Michael Blank

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What are Solid State Drives (SSDs) and how are they different from traditional Hard Disk Drives? How do they work and why would you want one? How about Hybrid Drives?

PMUG President Ben Britt will give the lowdown on Solid State Drives, and discuss their advantages and tradeoffs compared to Hard Disks.

He will highlight what to look for when buying a SSD and explain what he currently considers "best buys." We will consider installation and OSX configuration options: TRIM Enabler, Chameleon SSD Optimizer, terminal commands.

Ben will also preview the future of storage, and discuss technologies in development. Be sure to attend the March meeting to get up to speed on SSDs!


About the presenter…
Ben Britt, PMUG’s President, is formerly a portrait and commercial photographer, Assistant IT Manager, A+ PC technician, and salesman at CompUSA. He has been married for 33 years, has three children, and five grandchildren. He also creates in GarageBand, and plays guitar and electric bass.