March 10, 2020: “How I do the MacVoices Podcast,” with Chuck Joiner

photo of Chuck Joiner, courtesy of Chuck Joiner

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Chuck Joiner produces Mac Voices, a Podcast which focuses on the Mac, the Apple community, and Technology-related subjects.

Chuck will take us through both the history of the show (now in its 14th year,) as well as how he plans, produces, edits, posts, and promotes his Podcast. He will also talk about some of the issues and challenges (both technical and non-technical) he has faced while making the show. Chuck’s will present his talk virtually.

About the presenter…
Chuck Joiner has been creating original Apple, Macintosh and tech-oriented audio and video content since 2000. MacVoices, delivered in both audio and video versions, includes one-on-one discussions with authors, developers, pundits, panel conversations on current trends in tech, and real-world hardware and software reviews. Professionally, Chuck serves as Vice President of Claims & Operations for The Insurance Alliance of Central PA. Chuck’s credentials include over four years as Chairman of the Apple User Group Advisory Board, speaking appearances at Macworld Expo, User Group University and Macstock Conference and Expo. He is also Editor-in-Chief of The MUG Center, one of the longest-running Apple User Group sites on the Web. Chuck can be followed on Twitter at chuckjoiner and MacVoices.