March 12, 2019: Internet of Things (IOT) and the Wired House with Joe Myshko of Comcast

The meeting has been canceled because our speaker has the flu!
The presentation will be rescheduled for a future meeting, and we wish our presenter a speedy recovery.
Photo of Joe Myshko, courtesy of Joe Myshko

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Have you ever wondered what IOT, Zigbee and ZWave are? What about mesh network technologies and how they integrate with the cloud, such as with the “Internet of Things” and Alexa? Joe Myshko of Comcast will talk on the Internet of Things and the Wired House at PMUG’s March presentation.

About the Presenter…
Joe Myshko currently works for Comcast as Director of Reliability Engineering, specializing in Big Data. Joe has designed numerous Internet Gateways for Fortune 500 Companies such as GE, NBC, Vanguard, Mellon Bank, Martin Marietta and Lockheed. His skills include Internet security and especially securing Internet application layer protocols.