May 12, 2015: Cloud-Based Backup for the Mac

photo of Stephen Millett

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The Mac has made backing up to our Macs super-easy since Time Machine. But with cloud services becoming more popular, so has the option of backing your Mac to the cloud.

Services such as Crashplan and Backblaze are great options for performing backups to the cloud and complement local Time Machine backups.

Stephen Millett, IT Specialist for the Princeton Public Library, will talk about how to choose between these cloud-based options.


About the presenter…
Stephen Millett lives and works in Princeton., and has been in the field of IT for over 10 years. Prior to the Princeton Public Library, he worked in IT at the Rutgers School of Social Work. Stephen has been a Mac zealot since he got my first PowerBook G4 which launched him into the technology profession. He’s also interested in Web design and Web technologies, and is a hobbyist musician.