May 13, 2014: Dr. Mac Presents: This, That, and The Other — 2014 Edition

Bob LeVitus at the May 2013 PMUG meeting — Photo by Michael Blank

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Macintosh Author and Houston Chronicle columnist Bob LeVitus returns to PMUG as part of his 2014 MidAtlantic Tour.

Bob describes his presentation like this: “I have no idea what will actually be in my 2014 Mid-Atlantic User Group Tour presentation — and I probably won’t know a week before the first meeting — here’s what I can promise:

  • Products that are awesome
  • Things that are not awesome
  • Demos of cool stuff
  • Apps
  • Video of ???
  • Bad jokes
  • Puerile wordplay
  • And more

I hope you’ll join me at PMUG.”

— Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus
Note! icon Note!

Bob LeVitus will run our PMUG Answers discussion group this month, which begins at 6:30 p.m. in Stuart Hall room 6 (the same room as the general meeting.) Don’t miss it!This discussion group begins before the regular meeting. Ask questions that you may feel take up too much time, are embarrassed to ask, or can’t be articulated well during the main meeting.

The Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus 2015 MidAtlantic Tour

PMUG thanks all who made possible the Bob LeVitus 2015 MidAtlantic Tour!

About the presenter…
Bob LeVitus, often referred to as “Dr. Mac,” has been writing about Apple technology for over twenty-five years. He’s written or co-written more than 65 popular computer books, with over two million copies sold worldwide. His most recent titles include: Mac OS X Mavericks For Dummies, iPad mini For Dummies, and iPhone For Dummies, all for Wiley Publishing. For over 15 years Bob has also been the Apple technology columnist for the Houston Chronicle, penning the Dr. Mac column on Tuesdays in print and Wednesdays on the Web.