November 11, 2014: Getting Into Wearable and Smart Devices, with Doug Dixon

What’s all this about the “wearable tech” that we will have on, and the “smart devices” that will be embedded in our lives as part of the developing Internet of Things?

Yes, computers are evolving — yesterday’s desktop boxes have been replaced by our ubiquitous mobile handhelds. So now apparently we are going to be wearing Google Glasses and Apple Watches, as our house automatically unlocks and turns on the lights and opens up a beer when we come home.

For this year’s edition of Doug Dixon’s Holiday Gadgets revue, we’ll explore the developing possibilities of embedded devices — including both personal wearable accessories from glasses and watches to health monitors, and smart devices in the home from appliances to security.

Plus, we’ll look at other fun accessories for our mobile lifestyles, including sharing audio and video and photos in the home and on the go, wireless storage, and portable power.

So come along to think about holiday gadgets for your family — or yourself — and look into the future of embedded devices.


About the presenter…
Douglas Dixon is an independent technology consultant, author, and speaker specializing in digital media and portable devices. Previously a product manager and software developer at Intel and Sarnoff in Princeton, he now consults in commercial and military technology analysis and communications, and provides expert witness services. Over the past decade and a half, Doug has authored four books on digital media, published hundreds of feature articles, and presented over a hundred seminars and talks. Doug’s articles and technical references are freely available on his Manifest Technology Blog and Website.