October 9, 2018: Apple news — iOS 12, iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 4, et al — and how it might affect us.

The meeting begins at 7:15 p.m., Stuart Hall at Princeton Theological Seminary, Room 3 (first floor.).

logos of iOS 12 and Mojave

Have you downloaded the new versions of iOS and MacOS for your Apple "gear?" If not, is there any rush? What are the upsides/downsides? What do you need to experience the full extent of Apple’s latest launches. In other words, do you need a new iPhone (Apple hopes so), or will iOS work smoothly on your current iPhone and/or iPad?

Join PMUG’s Ken Parkinson for Apple’s latest hardware and operating system announcements.

Apple’s latest iOS release promises new or enhanced features, such as faster processing speeds, bedtime Do Not Disturb, tracking your screen time, limiting daily times by type of app, and some small tweaks. One major question — Do you need to upgrade your iPhone to X? The easy answer is "it all depends…" What is the likely effect on your current iPhone? Can you live with it?

Turning to other news — What’s new with Mojave? How will it affect what you do now and might try later? Should you be an early adopter or wait for a while? Find out at PMUG’s October meeting.

About the Presenter
Ken Parkinson is PMUG’s Vice President and Publicity Coordinator. Ken has had a diverse working career: he has been a management consultant with Deloitte, senior financial executive with RCA Corporation, visiting professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University, editor-in-chief of technical professional journals in the US and Canada, author of financial texts, and an executive trainer. He has pushed the envelope in helping executives use Excel, PowerPoint, and other basic programs. He currently is working with a west coast firm on providing on-line training packages for senior executives.

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September and October meetings will take place in Stuart Hall, Room 3, first floor.

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