September 9, 2014: Members’ Night Demonstrations

Photos of (L to R) Laura O'Neill, Chris Boraski, and Rob Golding
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Several PMUG members will present their favorite software which help them be more productive and reassured with their Macs.

  • Chris Boraski will present several Mac productivity utilities and extensions to make the Mac faster and more enjoyable to use. He will demonstrate Alfred, Moom, Bartender, Fantastical, Soundsource, iStat Menus, f.lux, SnappyApp and more. Chris is a co-founder of the Princeton Tech Meetup, an iOS App developer, and is currently working for a startup named Kiswe Mobile on the “Sports Trekker” app which features multi-camera interactive streaming of live and archived events to mobile devices. Additional programs mentioned during the presentation: Default Folder X, Daisy Disk, DropZone, and 1Password.
  • Rob Golding will demonstrate Retrospect backup software, which is a great alternative to Apple’s Time Machine. He will show the program’s basic use and its nuances. Rob is a past President of PMUG, and is a chemist at Firmenich.
  • Laura O’Neill will show how adjustments to the Mac’s preferences can make your digital life a little better. The Mac and iOS devices have many customizable settings which change over time, so we’ll review them to show how the Mac can work better for you. Laura provides help to users at the Princeton Public Library as part of PMUG’s “Ask the Mac Pros” sessions.