September 13, 2022: UNIX, Console and Terminal on the Mac

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. — so that we may start on time, please arrive at least 5 minutes before the meeting begins.

What is Darwin? No, not the evolution theory guy.

Darwin is the guts of the Mac operating system. Darwin came to us via Next Computing’s Nextstep operating system which came via the Berkeley Standard Distribution (BSD) of UNIX.

Normally, Mac users do not peek into its UNIX underpinnings. But sometimes useful information can be found and parameters can be changed if you can access some of the operating system. Apple provides two applications, Console and Terminal, to let you do UNIX-like stuff such as looking at log files and sending commands.

Bob Barton, MLMUG’s Webmaster, will take a look at the history of Darwin, what you can do with Console and a little of what you can do with Terminal.

The meeting will be held online through Zoom — members should check their e-mail for instructions on how to connect and attend. We hope you can join us.

A limited number of non-member audience “seats” at our Zoom meeting are also available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you wish to attend, please e-mail, and include your full name to receive an invitation with connection information.

About the presenter
Bob Barton retired from Lockheed-Martin in 2009 from a career in power systems (at GE) and aerospace engineering. Bob stays out of trouble with volunteering at Bryn Mawr Hospital, and the Bryn Mawr Fire Company. He was MLMUG Treasurer for a few years many years ago and is currently MLMUG Webmaster and Newer User’s SIG Co-leader. The Barton household has several iMacs and MacBooks, none of them recent (no need to fix or upgrade it if it is not broken.)