Meeting Location

General meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Our PMUG Answers discussion group meets before the general meeting in the same room.

PMUG’s meeting will be held in the Art Studio at the Erdman Center (20 Library Place Road, across from Speer Library) at Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey. Please see the map and room information below.

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The Princeton Theological Seminary Campus
The Princeton Theological Seminary Campus, with the Erdman Center marked. Map from Princeton Theological Seminary.

The Princeton area, with current and past meeting locations marked
The Princeton area with current and past meeting locations marked. Map from Google Maps. Also see the map from Google Maps.

Get directions with your GPS receiver or smartphone

Add a waypoint file to your GPS receiver and be directed to meeting locations:

  • Erdman Center
  • PTS Stuart Hall

First, download a waypoint file below:

Next, transfer it to your GPS receiver or SmartPhone APP, then make a route to it with the following software:

Last updated: 5/20/15 (Erdman Center added)


There is street parking on the Erdman side of Library Place, restricted to a two-hour duration before 6 p.m., and there is also parking in the library lot—as shown on the Princeton Theological Seminary Campus map above.

Please keep the closer campus parking spots open for older PMUG members. Those with a handicapped permit can take any handicapped spot on campus, according to campus security.


Meeting Room

The main meeting will be held in the Art Studio (Room #16) at the Erdman Center (20 Library Place Road, Princeton, New Jersey.)

Floorplan of the PTS Erdman Center, and how to reach the Art Studio (Room #16)

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Photo courtesy of Ben Britt

To reach the Art Studio, enter the front entrance (first floor) and pass the curved reception desk (on your right.) Continue straight ahead to the end, then take the stairs one level down to the basement. After you exit the stairway, turn right — the Art Studio will be on your right (Room #16.)

If you wish to take the elevator instead of the stairs, turn left after the curved reception desk (on the first floor,) then take the elevator one level down to the basement level. Follow the orange dots on the floorplan, and the Art Studio will be on your left (Room #16.)

Right-click (or control-click) on this link to save the map to a file.