PMUG Podcast

PMUG is making available audio recordings of its general monthly meetings and other special events through a Podcast. The Podcast is for members only, and is password protected.

Have you forgotten your password? Visit the Verification e-Mail page to have it sent to you.

What is a Podcast?

A Podcast is like a radio program, and some even describe it as “TiVo for audio.” A Podcast automatically downloads audio files whenever new episodes are released, then can be played at your leisure on a Podcast listening program.

Podcasts can be played:

There are alternate types of Podcasts, such as enhanced Podcasts which show a slideshow along with the audio. There are also Podcasts which show video (called Videocasts) and those which distribute files like PDFs (called Filecasts.)

How do I get PMUG’s Podcast

You need two things to get PMUG’s Podcasts:

  1. Much like you need a Web address to call up a Web page, you need an address to bring up a Podcast. This address is called a Podcast feed file. PMUG’s Podcast feed file (for members only) is:
  2. A program to read in the feed file, which is known as a Podcast player — such as those mentioned above (iTunes, Podcasts, Downcast, Overcast, and Pocket Casts.)

Once you have a Podcast feed file, you may add it to the Podcast player — this is known as "subscribing" to a Podcast. Most Podcasts are free despite having the term “subscribe.”

Please read the instructions for your Podcast player on how to further subscribe and listen to Podcasts.