The Mac App Store

It’s been about a month since Apple launched the Mac App store on January 6. The Mac App Store is Apple’s attempt to bring the same easy of use of the iTunes App store to Mac app purchase and installation. While it does not quite deliver on that promise it does make things simpler than … Read more

How to secure your Mac – Part 1

So you just got your new Mac and are excited to start using it. You’ve heard a lot about how Macs are easy to use and how secure they are. You’ve seen the ads on TV showing how Windows is susceptible to viruses and hacking and Macs are (supposed) immune. Apple’s marketing machine and Steve Jobs reality distortion field are in full effect. Your’re ready to hit the on button and get to playing. Well … Halt! The truth is no computer system, including your shiny new Mac, is immune from attack.

ShareTool – remote access for any Mac application or service that uses Bonjour

When my MobileMe account came up for renewal, I let it expire. I did not need it. I had found cheaper and better alternatives. When Apple’s $99 MobileMe service was released I was quick to register. With MobileMe I could access my mail, contacts, and calendar information in the “cloud” and keep everything in sync … Read more

OmmWriter Beta – Zen writing for the Mac

I was catching up on reading the news feeds this morning when I came across a post on the smoking apples blog about a new text editor called OmmWriter. I’m not sure why I downloaded it. Maybe because of what OmmWriter’s cleanly designed web site promised. So here I am writing this blog post in … Read more