iOS 5 features: Encrypted Mail

One of the least mentioned features of the new Mail app in iOS 5 is encrypted email. iOS 5 allows the user to send digitally signed or encrypted email to protect your electronic communications. I’ve [written about digital certificates]( before on this blog. The idea is to use a special key — a digital certificate … Read more

How to sync your iPad Mail, Calendar, & Contacts with Google Sync

Overview Recently my Director lamented the fact that he could not sync his Google account services to his iPad without using iTunes. He had configured his iPad to access his Google mail and calendar but he could not add new entries to the calendar. The sync was one way from Google to his iPad. He … Read more

How to setup Leopard to use Gmail

In last month’s post I mentioned that I had already configured my Mac to use some of Google’s free services and how I felt that this was a cheap way to get some of the same features offered in MobileMe. Namely, I configured for use with Gmail, synced my Address Book to my Gmail … Read more