AgileBits Launches 1Password Subscription Service for Individuals at $2.99 a month

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1passwordindividuals-mastheadAgileBits, makers of the popular password manager 1Password, has today announced a hosted, web-based 1Password subscription service for individuals to manage their passwords. This new service follows the introduction of, and is quite similar to, their other two offerings, namely 1Password for Teams and 1Password for Families that were launched this year (collectively

Currently, individuals using the 1Password apps across two or more platforms or devices have the option to keep their data in sync via either Dropbox, iCloud or a folder on the same network. 1Password subscription for Individuals works in the same way as the offerings, except that there’s only one user — you. Along with a seamless way to sync your data, you also get two huge benefits compared to standalone apps.

1. Web Access

You can access and browse your entire 1Password vault(s) using a browser by logging in at This way, if you’re on a friend’s, colleague’s or a 3rd-party device, you won’t have to manually type out passwords when logging into to websites or apps.

1Password had a feature called 1PasswordAnywhere, wherein you could access your vault stored in Dropbox via a html file, but that method was way too cumbersome and has faded away into oblivion in recent times.

2. Free Apps

You don’t have to purchase separate licences to use 1Password on any platform. Being a subscription-based service, it allows you to download, sign-in and use 1Password on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android or Windows absolutely free. For just $2.99/m (charged yearly), you get free access to 1Password on all your devices.

Additionally, these hosted 1Password offerings by AgileBits use a stronger and better multi-factor security model. Unlike the standalone apps, which use your Master Password for end-to-end encrypttion, this makes use of your Master Password + a randomly generated 128-bit “Account Key” to encrypt and secure your data.

1Password has been an insanely good password manager over the last few years and it has kept improving into a stellar app with ever release. A subscription service also ensures that AgileBits can now pour in resources for its continuous development.

You can Sign Up for a FREE trial account of the 1Password subscription service right away. To celebrate the launch, AgileBits is giving you 6 months of service for Free if you sign up before September 21st, 2016. Post that, you can choose to be billed annually (Effectively $2.99 a month) or monthly at $3.99 a month.

It should be noted that the standalone apps are not being discontinued, and the company plans to support both these offerings simultaneously.

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