How to work between Pages 5 and Pages ’09

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Natasha Scott asks about finding a simple way to work between two different versions of Pages: Pages ’09 (version 4) and Pages 5. She writes:

From my research online it appears that they do not work compatibly together; I need to be able to open the documents he sends to me and edit them.

I was also curious if there was any way for me to download the version of Pages ’09 so that I have the same version my work associate has.

You’ve got a few different ways to sort this out, but I’ll start with the second question first, as it may be simpler. While Apple no longer sells the iWork ’09 suite, of which Pages ’09 is a part, third-party sellers offer it via Amazon and other sources. Looking at Amazon, I see a number of “new” copies available for about $20. (Check the New box under Condition in the far left column of the Amazon page.) I wouldn’t buy “open box” copies, and I’d only purchase from sellers with high ratings and a history at Amazon. As of El Capitan, Pages ’09 still runs just fine.

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