EVENT: March 13, 2012: “More than Photoshop”. Presented by photographer Steve Stanger


Adobe’s Photoshop is a powerful graphics editing program. Its ability to edit, combine, and manipulate photos and bitmapped artwork has made it the industry standard. However, with all that power comes a mind boggling amount of features, complexity, and a high price tag.
Other Mac graphics programs are out there which can perform many of Photoshop’s functions at a lower price. Some even can do things which Photoshop can not.

In this presentation [+Steve Stanger](https://plus.google.com/113091634513165768886/posts) will take a look at the plethora of new photo editing apps available in OS X, many of which started life in iOS.

##About the presenter##

Steve Stanger

Steven Stanger is an Apple Certified IT Professional with over a decade of support experience in various environments: the entertainment and advertising industry, desktop publishing, education, photography & video editing, Web and multimedia design, small business, and home Mac use. Steven has worked with the Macintosh since it was released in the mid 80’s. Steve also hosts [“The Mac Attack “](http://www.themacattack.us/) and [“iSee iShoot iPhone”](http://iseeishootiphone.com/) podcasts.

Steve’s interest in photography started when his Mother gave him his first Kodak Instamatic camera at age eight. This then led to his disappearance from many photos considering he was the one behind the camera (most of the time). Steve pursued photography through his teen and college years. At some point photography “got away from him” to be rediscovered a few years ago with the advent of better, more affordable digital cameras. Many of Steve’s photographs are shot in New Jersey. He believes that, “to take great photographs you don’t necessarily have to travel too far from home.” Visit Steve Stanger’s Website for to learn more about him.

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Khürt Williams

Khürt Williams is Principal for Monkey Hill, LLC, a Skillman, New Jersey based information security governance, risk and compliance consultancy. He's also an avid landscape photographer, and *nix geek.